Jollip Lures is run by a fishing mad family based in the Northern rivers of NSW. Owner Joey Urquhart founded Jollip in 2014 and while its still young  its growth has been fantastic in such a short time. Joey being such a fishing fanatic and his love for bass fishing is what got the idea started "I loved using Fizzer style baits but couldn't find one that was heavier enough to fish my favorite hole of water so i deiced to make one myself". And the rest is History.

With over 20 years of fishing experience combined with a lure maker is what it takes to produce a quality product that catch fish. Jollip lures are all made from various timbers and fitted out with stainless hardware along with high quality hooks and split rings. Every single lure is individually hand painted which means sometimes there will be a slight variation which is what makes timber lures so great.

During our design stage the lures are put through there paces on some of Australia's most aggressive fish to ensure that the build will out stand most things thrown at them. Jollip Lures has recently expanded now selling to Retailers in Australia and Also Internationally targeting anglers that fish for everything from Bass to Barra.

Be sure to Check them out at your local tackle store or in our online store.